Essential Grooming

Professional Treatments

Essential Grooming

Professional Treatments


Veraspa Sunless Tanning – €30.00

New state of the art private booth where you can bronze, hydrate and smooth your skin in 60 seconds. We apply our Tanning solution combining the expert eye of a therapist and professional tans in light medium and dark, you choose.

Please note the following recommendations:

  • A patch test is required for first time users.
  • Exfoliate your body 24hrs prior to your application.
  • Shower before coming to your appointment and do not apply body lotion or perfume on your skin.
  • Bring loose clothes that are at a minimum, bring flip flops that you can pop on after having your tan
    to avoid streaks.
  • Do not exercise or do anything that may interfere with placement of your tan for a couple of hours
    after application.

Your Tans true colour result develops 5-6 hours after application.

Teeth Whitening

Megawhites Teeth Whitening – €90.00

How does the Megawhite zero peroxide product work?

The main whitening and cleansing ingredient in our exclusive formula is sodium bicarbonate. It goes deep into the pores of the teeth – called the dentin – and oxidises the molecules that make teeth appear yellow, dark and stained. The Megawhite gum shield is filled with the Megawhite product and inserted into the mouth then the light is directed at the shield. Once the laser light hits the product, the formula becomes active.

This releases oxygen that creates a pressure which pushes oxygen into the core of the tooth. The oxygen and cleaning agents, combined with the high intensity laser light, turns the tooth’s inner surface from a brown/yellow colour to a white colour, without changing or damaging the structure of the tooth’s enamel. The Megawhite product also contains silicone to help the laser light travel around the entire mouth, a catalyst activator called photo initiator is also added to ensure the oxygen is released as quickly as possible.


Many things separate Megawhite from other brands. The main difference is the Megawhite whitening gel; we hold the worldwide exclusive formula so no other product can compare. Our unique ingredient mix combined with the use of 480-520 nanometers of blue light produces the fastest-acting laser teeth-whitening treatment available. It’s recommended by dentists, it’s used all over the world and it’s endorsed by celebrities.

Is Megawhite safe?

All the Megawhite ingredients are at food grade level and the product is completely safe. There is no peroxide or harsh chemicals. Clients will not experience any side effects such as sensitivity or gum sores. The Megawhite product has been carried out in hundreds of thousands successful treatments all across the world with no side effects.

Will the Megawhite process cause pain or sensitivity?

Megawhite has a 100% pain-free guarantee.

Will Megawhite work for me?

Yes! Young or old, male or female, smoker or non-smoker, Megawhite will work for you. If your teeth and gums are healthy then we guarantee you will enjoy the benefits of the Megawhite whitening process. It’s clinically impossible for your tooth colour not to change although please note that results vary from person to person; teeth cannot be whitened more than genetically possible.

How long does the Megawhite process take?

The Full process takes 40 mins or double sessions take up to an hour.

Eye Treatments

Lashus Lift n Tint – €60.00

Using kinder around the eyes ingredients supporting the health of your natural lashes this fav treatment delivers instant WOW factor results, giving a beautiful lift and colour to the lashes that last for 6 weeks.

All About Eyes….

We use Professional, tried and tested products for all our tinting. We put time in researching the latest quality products on the market to ensure we deliver the safest, long-lasting treatment results.

We feel this contributes to not only client commitment and loyalty but also gives us great satisfaction in a job well done.

When shaping your brows, we like to think this is an area of our expertise. Your Therapist will take into account your colouring, type of hair, and will symmetrically measure where yours brows should be and what course of action is required to claim back that beautiful brow shape you deserve.

Novalash Eyelash Extensions – €85.00

Using medically approved, pharmaceutical grade adhesive. Trying a natural, fashion or dramatic look, pre-curled synthetic eyelashes ranging from 7mm-15mm are used to create the look you want.

Make Up

Jane Iredale Mineral Make-Up – €40.00

The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is healthy skin, this is why we use Jane Iredale Make Up. This range of products not only enhances your beauty, but is also a true extension of skincare for problematic skin conditions.

Jane Iredale mineral foundations will make your life simpler, too, because they provide four important functions in one: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skincare benefits.

When reading the ingredients for Jane Iredale, you will notice they this product range only contains natural formulas, as natural as can be while making sure they perform at the highest level. Jane Iredale products are tested to avoid irritating the most sensitive of skins, to allow you to wear with confidence. The skin you have always wanted is only a brush away.

Some of the many interesting facts about Jane Iredale