Semi Permanent Make Up at Bay Spa Tramore

Permanent Makeup

What Is Semi-Permanent Make Up?

The infusion of hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. A process that mirrors perfectly applied make-up that gradually fades over the years. The technique is designed to be completely safe and is approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

What are the benefits of permanent Makeup?

Getting Started

What Are The First Steps

What are the first step towards having your Permanent makeup done?

We use Professional, tried and tested products for all our tinting. We put time in researching the latest quality products on the market to ensure we deliver the safest, long-lasting treatment results.
We feel this contributes to not only client commitment and loyalty but also gives us great satisfaction in a job well done.

When shaping your brows, we like to think this is an area of our expertise. Your Therapist will take into account your colouring, type of hair, and will symmetrically measure where yours brows should be and what course of action is required to claim back that beautiful brow shape you deserve.

This will be discussed in the initial consultation and shades will be selected to suit your natural skin tone and hair colour.

For the first 24 hours the area will be tender and darker than desired. After 48hrs this will begin to fade as the skin heals. It is recommended in the first 48hrs to refrain from all activities that may cause risk of infection.

Results last up to 18mths before a colour boost is recommended. Results and colour retention will rely on good aftercare. Skin health, Medication, diet, smoking and excessive sun exposure will having a negative effect on lasting results.

We have pioneered, practiced and studied Permanent Make Up since 2008, and passionately built a recognised and respected reputation in the industry. Taking pride in assuring you are in safe hands with Bay Spa Tramore for your Permanent Make up requirements.