Medical Foot Clinic

If you’re struggling with foot issues, our dedicated Medical Foot Clinic at Bay Spa is here for you. From managing ingrown toenails, providing braces for alignment, treating thickened nails, to addressing hard or cracked skin and removing corns, we have the expertise to help you. 

Located in a private and serene area of the spa, our clinic offers a confidential and comfortable environment for all your podiatry needs. Our skilled professionals are committed to providing personalised care, ensuring you leave with healthier, happier feet. 

Don’t let foot discomfort hold you back, book your appointment with Kasia and experience the relief and care your feet deserve!

Medical Pedicure

At Bay Spa we offer a range of treatments that will target any concerns you may have with your feet. Visit our Specialist who can treat corns, callus, fungal infections, Nail Re-construction and many more conditions in order to re-gain a healthy happy foot.